How to Pull Off a Total Yard Makeover on a Budget

A DIY overhaul on a lawn in need of revitalization requires more than just a bit of weeding and consistent watering. If you’re of the mindset that creating a landscape from scratch will be very costly, think again!

Joe has tips and tricks to help you make an amazing transformation on a tight budget.

Take Inventory

The best first step is to see if you can reuse any materials and supplies you already have.

Also take note on the current condition of your lawn and garden. You don’t always have to remove every shrub or rip up your entire lawn.

Sometimes, the right tools and a little patience are all you need to nourish plants and areas back to health!

Once you’ve established what you have and what you need, it’s easier to plan and devise a budget.

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In With The Old

Since you’ve identified the salvageable areas, it’s time to give them some TLC. Get the dirty work dealt with first – weed out any unwelcome intruders so the health of your flowers and plants isn’t compromised.

Hori-hori and other specialty digging and weeding tools don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Investing in these types of tools you will use over and over again is wise. It’s always better to choose quality over price in this case.


Instead of replacing the same tool every season, buy one from a reliable brand such as Nisaku that will last for years. This might stretch your budget in the present, but makes more sense for the future.

Prune plants you plan on keeping and trim overhead branches or dangerous limbs easily with a pole chain saw.


Clean edges along any walkways or retaining walls with a trimmer, and build up soil in permanent beds. Spreading compost with recycled lawn material is a great way to save money.


Sun Joe has many great leaf blower models that have the ability to vacuum up leaf and lawn debris, and create organic mulch right in the bag. Or you can opt for a mulcher, that’s designed to deconstruct leaves the same way, but in much bigger batches..


Got pesky branches? Make picking up sticks more purposeful by turning them into wood mulch with a chipper, and placing them in your beds.


Kick Some Grass

No matter how much time you spend beautifying your yard, dead or patchy grass will always be the most standout visual that can drag down your entire design.


If only a few spots have existing problems, you may want to try different seeding and dethatching techniques. But if the entire plot cannot be brought back to life, then it is necessary to lay new sod, or reseed the entire area.


In both of these cases, you’ll need to test the pH levels of your soil and use a tiller to churn layers of existing clay. Then lay a new foundation of soil.


Get Creative

In the fall, garden supply centers often put their surplus bulbs and seeds on sale for a steep discount. This is a good time to stock up.


If you haven’t planned that far in advance, go to a local nursery and buy the smallest variety available when choosing foliage.

While it won’t give your landscape an instant fulfilling aesthetic, it’s cheaper, and over time, these plants will grow to maturity!